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tisdag 4 augusti 2009


Idag skall jag se Hipsu. Härligt. Skall ta kameran med och överanvända den. Ta massa foton! Jag hoppas att jag även kommer att se Catzo. Det skulle vara ganska så fantastiskt!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):
It's one thing to be sensitive to other people's needs, but quite another if your happiness is totally dependent on someone else's emotions. The problem with placing the source of your satisfaction outside of yourself is that you cannot alter how anyone feels. However, you can change your attitude, which impacts your response to a situation. In preparation for tomorrow's Full Moon Eclipse, remind yourself that loving others begins with loving yourself.

From Twittascope.


Today I'm going to see Hipsu. Take a lot of picture. And hope I will run into Catzo. That would be lovely!

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