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måndag 6 april 2009

. 147 . Liar.

I look crazy happy in todays DBpic. It's because I was happy to be home. I have been running around today as crazy after papers from places and then after a package from the postoffice that had my address wrong. I laughed at it for quite a while.
I must really talk badly if they get my addresse wrong.

Well, the package still found its way so it doesn't really matter.

When I came home I sat infront of the computer for a while and then my littlebrother came home. I made some food and then we watched Sailor Moon. We're now on Sailor Moon SS.

So my life is pretty good right now. Or I am hidding away the stuff that is not good. Whatever. Let's keep a smile on my face.

NP: Liar [Manic DePressive Mix by Asp] - Emilie Autumn

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  1. And you're always so pretty when you smile!