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måndag 25 maj 2009

It's in the rain.

Just english today cause I don't feel like writing in both languages. Sitting in Sweden and just loving it. I love this country more and more everytime I am here and soon I will probably never want to leave this place. Sweden in my heart forever.

Emelie started crying when I met her at the airport on friday and it was so cute! Like the cutest ever! God, I love her so much!

Right now I am sitting at her workplace and listening to music which is pretty nice. We ate breakfast at Coffeehouse by George which was really nice. We have wlogged from there once so it was cool going back there. And the tea there is really nice.

Anina's place was really good. We stayed indoors the most of the time and just talked and looked at pretty japanese guys. Lovely.

Yesterday I got to see Nelle who is my sister and my almost everything. I wouldn't work without her. I share a brain with her. We went to the "hoggyfontänen" and it was great. We sat there a while with some other hoggypeople.

Then I and Emelie went to her house and showered and took food with us and left for the city again. Where we met Hanna and Lotten. Hanna is the one I write the other blog with. It was so lovely seeing them both. On saturday I even talked to Hanna on the phone, and that is something I don't do that often so, it was fun. She talks a lot. And that's good. Or well both she and Lotten talks a lot. I love them both dearly.

When we went home we walked a lot and just talked. It was really great.

So today I get back to little Finland. hmm. Interesting.

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